Mazzei's Unique Macro Aeration Wine Pump-over Improves Fermentation

Winemakers everywhere are discovering that pumping the juice through a Mazzei® macro aeration wine pump-over Venturi injector during fermentation aspirates a substantial amount of air/oxygen into the liquid. Mazzei injectors are highly efficient, low cost devices for energizing fermentation.  During the macro aeration process, the wine is pumped through a Mazzei Venturi injector which draws in and uniformal distributes oxygen into the juice. Trouble-free with no moving parts, Mazzei Venturi wine pump-over injectors deliver uniform distribution. They are simple-to-use, self-priming and can run dry without problems. Superior mixing is due to Mazzei superior patented technology.


•  Supports Yeast Development and Viability

•  Enhances Color and Character of the Wine

•  Reduces Sulfide Production

•  Excess Carbon Dioxide is Purged from the Top of the Tank

•  Can Be Used During Racking or Mixing

•  Installed at Top of Fermentation Tank or at Pump Discharge

•  Installed and Maintained Easily

•  Fining Agents and Other Wine Additives Can Be Introduced at the Suction Port of the Injector

•  Rate at Which Liquids Are Drawn Can Be Controlled with Addition of Metering Valve

Mazzei Injectors for Wine Pump-over

Cast Stainless Steel:  Made of CF3M cast stainless steel, our model 2081 Venturi injector is a complementary product to model 316LSS, a machined product. The cast stainless steel product is a low cost equivalent which still offers vintners all of the high performance and quality they expect in a Mazzei product. With tri-clamp fittings at all openings, the 2081 can be installed and maintained easily. The cast stainless steel material resists corrosion and is easy to clean.


Natural PVDF or ECTFE:  Mazzei also manufacturers a complete line of Venturi injectors for the wine pump-over market that includes natural PVDF or ECTFE in various sizes and corresponding suction capabilities.


Stainless Steel:  Mazzei uses 316L stainless steel for its 316LSS wine pump-over injector models.  316L stainless is highly corrosion resistant and has a low carbon content which eliminates carbon precipitation in the welding process.


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