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The GDT Degas Separator is a patented centrifugal vortex unit that separates entrained gases from liquid (water) based on the density difference between the gas and liquid.  The water-entrained gas mixture enters the top of the separator tangentially, which causes it to spin.  The water spins and flows down through the separator to the bottom where it is discharged.  The entrained gasses collect at the vortex where they pass through a collector and flow out the top of the separator.  The separated gasses exit the separator through a degas relief valve. 

The GDT Degas Separator is constructed out of several materials to serve in different applications including: 316L Stainless Steel, CPVC/FRP, and PVDF (Kynar®).  Please contact us to assist with application and selection of our Degas Separator units. 

Degas Relief Valve

The Degas Relief Valve is designed to permit automatic escape of large quantities of gas from a GDT Degas Separator when the separator is filled and to permit gas to exit the separator when it is operating under pressure. 

Degas Relief Valves are constructed in 316L Stainless Steel and PVC.  Contact us to assist with your application and selection.

Degas Separators and Relief Valves
are part of the GDT™ Process shown below.

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