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          o   Mazzei AirJection Irrigation (MAI) Series—

               Installation Guide - US

          o   Mazzei AirJection Irrigation (MAI) Series—

               Installation Guide - Metric

          o   Installation Notes

          o   Questionnaire

  • Injector Installation

          o   Anti-Siphon & Backflow Prevention Equipment Use

          o   Chlorinator / De-chlorinator Installation Guidelines

          o   For Gas to Liquid Mixing Applications

          o   Injector Installation in a Bypass Assembly Guidelines

          o   Injector Installation Notes (English & Spanish)

          o   Injector Installation Methods

          o   Troubleshooting – Injector Installations

          o   Troubleshooting – Liquid Suction Capacity

          o   Troubleshooting – Supplemental Check Valves

  • Injector Sizing

          o   For Removal of Iron and Manganese by Aeration

          o   For Removal of Hydrogen Sulfide by Aeration

          o   For Use in Water-Well / Pressure Tank Applications

          o   For Use in Pressurized Water Line Applications

          o   For Use in Pressurized Sprinkler Applications

          o   Guidelines for Selection an Injector

          o   Injector Performance Tables

          o   Website – InjectorSelector Tool

          o   Flash Reactors

          o   Injectors

               ♦     Guide to Injector Performance Tables - US

               ♦     Guide to Injector Performance Tables - Metric

          o   Nozzles

  • Questionnaires

          o   AirJection Irrigation

          o   Ozone System

          o   Wastewater Aeration - Metric

          o   Wastewater Aeration - US